Higher – Quotation Analysis Task

Use the quotation sheets from class and analyse each using the following headings.

* Who is speaking?
* To whom are they speaking?
* What is happening at that point in the play?
* What is the character’s frame of mind, and why?
* Which linguistic techniques are being employed?
* How do the techniques reinforce your answers about the context?
In the analysis think about:
* Lists
* Word choice/ connotation
* Implied meaning/ sub-text
* Poetic techniques (simile, metaphor, alliteration, etc.)
* Dramatic impact (exclamation, tone, etc.)
* References to other points in the text.
For example:
My name is good in the village! Elizabeth Proctor is an envious, gossiping liar! – Abigail
 Spoken by Abigail
 Spoken to her Uncle – Parris.
 Abigail is defending her reputation – she should be believed because her reputation is good. She tries to shift the accusation of witchcraft onto Elizabeth.
 Abigail is desperate to be believed.
 Tone of anger/ desperation.
 Short list of adjectives to describe Elizabeth – emphatic.
 Repeated exclamation marks indicate hysteria?

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