Higher Close Reading – Writer’s Attitude Questions


The writer’s attitude is AAAA. This is shown when s/he says “BBBB”. This word/phrase has connotations/ a tone of CCCC.

For AAAA the word will always be an adjective.


That is a lesson from history some of our more hysteria-prone politicians would do well to ponder as they devise ever more unfriendly welcomes for those who would come here today to live and work.

Show how the writer’s word choice in the sentence “That is … and work” (lines 31-34) makes clear her attitude to certain politicians. Refer to two examples in your answer.

This week the Home Secretary was assuring his French counterpart that Britain would clamp down even more severely on those working here illegally. At the same time plans are advanced for “accommodation centres”, which will have the immediate effect of preventing natural integration, while children of immigrants are to be denied the harmonising effect of inter-racial schooling. Meanwhile, ever more sophisticated technology is to be employed to stem the numbers of young men who risk their lives clinging to the underside of trains and lorries, or are paying obscene sums of money to the 21st century’s own version of slave traders-those traffickers in human misery who make their fortunes on the back of others’ desperation.

How does the writer’s language make clear her disapproval of anyone of the proposed measures referred to in lines 35-50?

The politicians and the Establishment talk the language of “opportunity”, “choice” and “diversity” for the people of the city, but do not really believe in or practise them. They impose a set menu, rather than the choice offered “à la carte”, confident that they know best. For all the rhetoric about new ways of working, partnership and collaboration, there can still be a very old-fashioned top-down approach in parts of institutional Glasgow that retains a faith that experts and professionals must hold all the answers. There is an implicit belief that people are poor because of low aspirations and Glaswegians are unhealthy because they won’t accept responsibility, make the right choices and eat healthily.

Show how the writer’s use of language in this paragraph creates a tone of disapproval.

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