Johnny and the Dead – Scenes 9 & 10.

1)Why does Mad Jim play “Thriller” for “all the other dead people out there”?
He plays “Thriller” because the song and video is closely connected to zombies.

2)How can we tell that Solomon Einstein is not British?
We know this because he speaks with a strong foreign accent, pronouncing his Ws like Vs.

3)On page 43, Antonio Vicenti explains why Johnny is so important to the dead – what does he say?
He says that Johnny is important as while he is thinking of them, they are free. Johnny’s imagination gives life to the Dead.

4)What assistance do the dead provide to the newly dead? (page 44)
The Dead go to funerals to help newly-dead people to get used to being dead.

5)Why was Tommy so proud of his name?
Because his name came to mean the average British solider. (It became a symbol of all soldiers.)

6)How will Tommy be reunited with the Pals?
He will have his ashes scattered in France, where the rest of the Blackbury Pals were killed.

7)Explain the TWO meanings when Johnny says “Sometimes being there is all you can do”.
There two ways to “be there” for someone: you can physically be at their side, or you can emotionally listen to them and help them.

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