Sherlock – Study in Pink – Scene 1

The first scene of “A Study In Pink” shows Doctor John Watson experiencing a nightmare. This is filled with flashbacks to hi experiences fighting in the war in Afghanistan. The nightmare is shown with some very quick editing, moving quickly from one thing to another. This makes the scene feel disjointed, like a nightmare can be. It is important that this link between Watson and Afghanistan is made in the first scene because it shows Watson as a military character, like Conan Doyle’s original. In the nightmare, the director makes use of first-person camera angles to allow the audience to see the war from Watson’s point of view. This makes the horror of the fighting seem much more real, and this makes the audience sympathise with him, because he has been through such an horrific experience. When Watson wakes, his room is shown in very downbeat colours. These reinforce how unhappy and bleak he feels now he has returned home. In the Afghanistan section of the clip, the sound is slightly blurred and echoey. The echoes of voices again suggest that Watson is in a nightmare. When Watson awakes, his face is tight with fear and he nearly begins to cry. These facial expressions show that he is struggling with the memories of war, and that he has post-traumatic stress disorder, a very modern condition.  His isolation in the world is reinforced by the single piano that plays a few minor notes as we see him struggle. The sadness of the music also support the emotion of the scene, that Watson is struggling to return to society after his experience of war. The use of Afghanistan, and the sensitive portrayal of post-traumatic stress both show that “A Study In Pink” will be set very much in the modern world.

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