TED Talk – The Adolescent Brain

  • Pre-frontal cortex
  • Synapses
  • We used to think that brain growth occurred in the first few years.
  • Use of MRI to look at growth of the brain – a development in the last ten years.
  • Research based on structural and functional growth.
  • Brain continues to grow throughout life – does not just stop in a person’s twenties.
  • Growth continues well into the thirties.
  • Adolescence end with the person in a stable condition.
  • Focus on the pre-frontal cortex.
  • This controls social interaction, decision-making, planning, (in)appropriate behaviour.
  • Synapses are pruned during adolescence; the weaker connections are eliminated.
  • Social brain – helps us to read others feelings.
  • Causes us to mimic each other’s behaviour.
  • Allows us to “read” human behaviour.

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