Women’s Rights

1.       How did women get the vote?
They suffered for it; had to protest for it. There was no sense that they were going to be given it. This suggests that men were reluctant to give women the same rights. Many women had to die in order to achieve equal suffrage – this also back up the idea that they were not going to have it given to them. All of this proves that men were grudging in giving the same rights to women as they had for themselves.
2.       Why are women treated so differently?
Historically, women were seen as weaker. They could not physically compete with men, so men were able to essentially beat them into submission. They were forced to become domestic beings out of a fear of violence. Even though our society has moved on and we do not accept violence against women as casually anymore, the gender roles that were established under threat of violence remain.
3.       How did the wars change society’s view of women?
It made it impossible to deny that women were capable of the same labour as men – they had just spent five years doing those jobs. As such, there was no logical argument against granting the same rights. Again, though, society’s hand was forced – there was no intention to award rights out of generosity.
4.       Why did it take a war to get the vote for the suffragettes?
Because the law-makers were able to suggest that women were inferior in some way. The actions of women in the war proved that these arguments were nonsense, so the vote had to be given. It is worth noting, though, that the vote was not given to all women – it was only a small section of the population. This is because parliament wanted to be seen to be granting the vote, but still had reservations about giving equality.
5.       Why were women classed as different before the war?
Historical reasons. Thousands of years of women only being allowed domestic roles had persuaded a lot of people that women were not capable of anything more. It was the attitude of an entire culture, and many women themselves believed it to be true. Essentially, women had not had the chance to prove they were equal, so nobody gave them that chance.
6.       Why are women still classed as the “weaker sex”?
Because people are lazy in the way they think. Women are, predominantly, physically weaker. But they are absolute equals in terms of intelligence, and actually superior emotionally. When we think of the way our society is run, we must accept that being physically strong is no longer a necessary quality. You don’t need loads of muscle to be prime minister. This is true right across our society, but the attitude remains that because women are physically weaker, they are not deserving of higher positions of responsibility.
7.       What work did women do to get the vote?
Mostly, they worked in heavy industry. However, in the absence of men, they proved that they could run society just as effectively.
8.       Should women be treated the same?
Well, that’s surely up to the woman. If she wants to have a more traditional role, that’s fine, but if she wants to run Microsoft that should also be fine. The important point is that she should have the choice, and currently she does not have this.
9.       Should women have been given the vote, considering the violence they enacted?
Violence was a last resort; they had tried peaceful protest and been ignored for years.

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