Higher – Persuasive Essay Topics

  • We need ten new commandments.
  • “Pupil Councils” are a sham.
  • School sports teams should be abolished.
  • Most real education occurs outside school.
  • Most bullying in school is committed by teachers.
  • Alcohol should be categorized as a Class A narcotic.
  • Public transport should, like health-care, be free to everyone.
  • Competitive reality TV shows are corroding our society.
  • Religious belief is never a justification for legislation.
  • Understandable grading is a necessity of education and qualifications.
  • Inherited wealth is unfair and should be abolished.
  • Torture is sometimes a necessity for national security.
  • No work of literature should ever be banned.
  • Pupils should be allowed to grade their teachers.
  • More school time should be given over simply to reading.
  • Current economic policies threaten to break up families.
  • Pessimism should be a punishable crime.
  • Political manifestos should be legally binding.

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