Mortal Engines – Quick Questions

1. How do the Londoners feel about people who live on bare earth? P43

The Londoners feel that the people on the earth are “savages”. They prefer to have the luxury of their traction-city.

2. Why do they feel this way?

They have always been told that earth-dwellers are savages and they simply do not question it. The citizens of London do not understand the people of the Outlands, so they are afraid of them.

3. What happened to Hester’s parents? P44

Hester’s parents were stabbed and killed by Valentine. He had visited Hester’s parents to take the mysterious “MEDUSA”. Valentine also killed their dogs.

4. How did she get injured? P44

Hester was injured by Valentine – he cut her face with his sword. He had attempted to kill her but she moved, making the injury only a serious wound.

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