Mortal Engines – Exposition

• In the future, London has become a mobile city that roams the wastelands feeding on smaller towns.
• The protagonist, Tom Natsworthy is a third class apprentice at the Guild of Historians.
• Following the destruction of the town of Salthook, Tom visits the “Gut” – an area in the depths of the city where these towns are broken up and recycled.
• Here he meets his hero, the adventurer, Valentine, and his daughter, Katherine.
• He seems to fall in love with Katherine.
• However, a mysterious assassin attempts to kill Valentine, only failing after Tom thwarts her.
• When Valentine learns that Tom learned the assassin’s name (Hester Shaw) he pushes him out of the waste chute and into the wastelands.
• Here, Tom meets Hester who claims that Valentine murdered her parents.
• The pair reluctantly agree to follow London together.

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