Supersize Me – The Trailer

·    First half is quite serious.
·    Starts with an over-the –shoulder mid-shot; at the drive-through; we hear the cashier ask if he wants his meal supersized.
·    Moves to a split-screen shot of the protagonist. We start to hear a voice-over. Dramatic music is introduced. The music reminds the viewer of “Jaws”. This suggests that something deadly and dangerous is going to be the subject of the film. The split screen adds drama because it suggests he is quadrupling in size. (There are FOUR of him now.)
·    We then see a quick image of a clown – why? It suggests the clown is evil. It is trying to get across the idea that Ronald Macdonald, the Macdonalds mascot, is evil.
·    In the next cut, a doctor is telling the protagonist that he is “starting to get addicted to it”. Obviously, this is a horrible thing to happen to anyone.
·    We then get another “evil clown” cut.
·    The next cut takes us to a doctor who is saying that “these numbers are outrageous” – these numbers are clearly connected to the health of the protagonist.
·    Stresses the possibility of death.
·    A straight-forward documentary.

Okay, how about the second half?

·    The music started.
·    Showed members of the public.
·    More relaxed, cheerful.
·    Happier tone.
·    Started to show caption recommendations from different reviews.
·    Much faster.

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