Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde – Summaries

The Final Night

Poole, Jekyll’s butler asks for Utterson’s help one night, as his master has been behaving so erratically that the staff in the house have become afraid of him. He continues to live in seclusion, in the cabinet above the laboratory. Poole explains that he only communicates with him via a series of notes with instructions written on them, usually asking him to go to a chemist for a supply of a drug. This drug is never of the correct purity and Jekyll is clearly anxious to get the right standard. Poole relates one incident when he caught Jekyll out of his cabinet, and he describes him as a transformed man, essentially describing Hyde. He fears that Hyde has murdered Jekyll and is now remaining with the body. The pair break down the door to the cabinet and find the body of Hyde, who has apparently committed suicide. Again, a letter has been left to Utterson, from Jekyll, which the lawyer takes away to read at home.

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