Supersize Me – Trailers

A Good Trailer
• An appropriate music track. (Dramatic, creepy, comic, etc.)
• Well lit.
• Narration/ voice-over.
• Show the subject of the drama.
• Famous actors.
• Build to a climax.
• The protagonists/ antagonist.
• Setting.
• Cliff-hanger ending.
• Short clips.
• Quick-cutting.
• Suspense.
• Text.
• Slogan.

The “Supersize Me” Trailer
• Cheery music (ironic?)
• The protagonist/ antagonist
• Narration/ voice-over
• Split-screen effect
• Bright colours (Yellow and Red/ Macdonalds)
• Quick cutting
• Text (Recommendations)
• Subject of the drama
• Change in tone
• Subliminal message

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