Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde – Summaries

Doctor Lanyon’s Narrative

Utterson opens the old letter from Lanyon, Jekyll having now died.

Lanyon received a letter from Jekyll late the previous year. In the note he was asked to go to Jekyll’s house, collect a drawer filled with scientific materials and then return home. Thereafter, he would be visited by a stranger, who would take the drawer from him.

A little unnerved by the letter, Lanyon fulfilled its request and, sure enough, later that night, a stranger came to his house.

Lanyon was repulsed by the man but kept his word and offered him the scientific drawer.

Quickly, the man assembled a chemical compound and was about to consume it when he made an offer to Lanyon: he could allow the guest to leave without another word, or he could watch the effects of the brew after they are consumed.

His curiosity piqued, Lanyon decided to watch the ensuing transformation, as the ugly man drank the chemicals and was painfully transformed into Henry Jekyll.

Lanyon is terrified by what he has seen, and understands now that Jekyll murdered Carew.

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