Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde – Summaries

The Remarkable Incident of Doctor Lanyon

With Hyde now out of the way, Jekyll re-enters public life, engaging socially with friends and also making generous acts of charity. For two months, he continues to be his old self. However, in Early January he retreats into solitude again. After six nights of this new withdrawal, Utterson visits Lanyon to find out what’s what. Lanyon is white as a ghost and visibly extremely unwell. He admits himself that he has only a short time to live. He explains his new condition, saying that he has “had a shock”, but he will not reveal what it was, nor will he talk about Jekyll. The following day, Utterson receives a letter from Jekyll in which he admits responsibility for the end of the friendship with Lanyon. Within a month, Lanyon had taken to his bed and died, leaving Utterson an envelope. Inside, was another envelope, only to be opened when Jekyll dies or disappears. Jekyll continued to refuse to see visitors.

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