Diet Information

What We Eat.

1 On a new piece of paper, answer the following questions as FULLY as you can. No short answers allowed.

a.  What is fast food?

Fast food are take-away foods, usually bought from outlets in town centres. There is not always the option to sit down and eat in these places. KFC, Macdonalds and Burger King are probably the most famous brands of fast food. Fast food tends to be fried and served while it is hot. People who consume too much fast food tend to gain a lot of weight. Fast food is often blamed for obesity problems.

b.  Where do you buy fast food?

In the Eastgate in Inverness there is a Food Court which just features a lot of fast-food outlets, including KFC and Pizza Hut. Most fast-food outlets are found in town and city centres. However, even small towns have fish and chip shops, which are also fast-food sellers.

c.   How often do you eat fast food?

I only rarely eat fast food but I enjoy it when I do. In the last month I have had fish and chips once. I never eat food from Macdonalds and I really dislike KFC.

d.  How often do you think you should eat it?

I think that it is fine to eat fast food once a week or so. As long as your diet is balanced against exercise and plenty of water, this is not too much. However, more than a couple of time per week risks putting too much fat into your body, especially if you aren’t exercising to burn it off.

e.  What is your favourite food and drink?

Bangers and mash.

2 Look at the key words below then use a dictionary to find their meaning.

a.  obese

b.  binge

c.   diet

d.  calorie

e.  vegan

f.    indulge

g.  toxic

h.  preventable

i.     diabetes

j.     cholesterol

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