Doctor Faustus – Vocabulary

Redemption              The freeing of humanity from sin.

Sin                             A wicked act, especially one which breaks religious laws.
Blasphemy                The act of speaking IRREVERENTLY of God.
Sacrifice                    An offering to a God in exchange for something of greater value.
Repentance                To show penitence; contrition for sins committed.
Absolution                 Formal forgiveness of sins (often by a priest).
Damnation                 Unending punishment in Hell.
Heresy                       An opinion which goes against an official or orthodox view.
Mercy                        Forgiveness or lenience in appreciation of sin.
Orthodox                    The prevailing view.
Condemnation            To blame; see damnation.
Theology                    Study of God and religion.
Scepticism                  A position of doubt/ questioning.

Perception                   A view.

Firmament                  The heavens/ skies.

Apparel                       Clothing.

Salvation                     To be saved from sin.

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