Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde – Summaries

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Utterson returns home after his conversation with Enfield. He is worried because he is Henry Jekyll’s lawyer, and holds his will. Taking the will out to re-examine it, he notices two unusual clauses; first, if he is to die, one Edward Hyde would inherit his entire wealth; second, if Jekyll disappears for more than three months, the same terms apply.

Curious, he calls in on a mutual friend, Doctor Lanyon, but Lanyon has never heard of Hyde. Utterson returns home but cannot sleep as his imagination projects horrific situations featuring both Jekyll and Hyde.

Unable to satisfy his own mind, Utterson begins watching the door he discovered with Enfield. Sure enough, some nights later, Hyde returns to it and the two meet.

Hyde is horrifyingly unpleasant in appearance and manner, but Utterson at last knows his face.

To further satisfy his curiosity, the lawyer calls in on Jekyll on his way home, but the doctor is out. His butler, Poole, however, informs him that Hyde only occasionally visits Jekyll, but when he does it is via his laboratory. He also learns that Jekyll has instructed his staff to obey Hyde as they would their employer.

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