Rashie Coats – Summarising

The Fairy Tale of Rashie Coats

·    Rashie Coats’s mother had died when she was a child.
·    She was a princess/ dad a king.
·    Strong-willed
·    Raised by nurse
·    Taught to cook, sew and some magic.
·    King wanted her to marry
·    She didn’t like her suitor
·    Went to hen-wife
·    Ask for a coat of gold thread
·    King agrees
·    RC received the golden coat
·    Still doesn’t want to marry
·    Hen-wife again
·    Ask for a coat of feathers
·    Corn is laid out in the market square
·    A feather for a grain
·    Coat is beautiful
·    Still doesn’t want to marry
·    Back to hen-wife
·    “Ask for a coat of rashes” (“and slippers”)
·    The hen-wife will weave it
·    She receives her rashes coat
·    Hen-wife tells her to go out into the world
·    Rashie Coats walked all the way to the edge of the kingdom.
·      Walked to the next kingdom
·      She gained work at the castle’s kitchen
·      She was not allowed to go to church
·      She cast a spell and put on her gold coat
·      Hop, skip, jump to the church
·      Carried by the sunlight
·      The Prince’s heart beat harder and faster
·      Returned to her kitchen
·      Nobody knew it was her
·      The following Sunday she returned to the church
·      She wore her feather coat this time
·      Her feather coat was brightly coloured
·      The birds flew down and carried her to the kirk
·      The prince again wanted to talk to her
·      She left the kirk before he could speak to her
·      She returned to her kitchen
Nobody knew it had been her

The next Sunday came

Rashiecoats was again left in the kitchen
She put on her coat of rashes and slippers
The river changed course to carry her to the kirk
The prince’s heart beat faster still
He stood at the door of the kirk to speak to her
She hopped and skipped
As she jumped, the Prince caught her foot and the slipper came off
He decided to find the girl whose foot fitted the slipper
The prince sent out a proclamation saying he would marry the girl whose foot fitted the slipper
He went house to house
All sorts of feet
The hen-wife in this kingdom was wicked
Wanted her own daughter to marry the Prince
Bound her daughter’s feet
The prince kept his word and agreed to marry her
As they left the slipper started to sing
“The girl on the horse is the wrong one, the girl in the kitchen is the right one”
The spell on the slipper causes the hen-wife’s daughter’s foot to grow
It “pops off”
The Prince went back to the kitchen
He put the slipper on her foot
She put the second slipper on
Then the coat of rashes
She agrees to marry him
They go up to the castle
…happily ever after.


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