This came up twice today.
“Alan, it’s a Catch 23 situation.”
“Alan, it’s Catch 22 situation.”
“He’s gone and upset the apple-tart.”
“He’s gone and upset the apple cart.”

“Now is as good a time as many…”
“Now is as good a time as any…”

“The new Sky paper view.”
“The new Sky pay per view.”

“… like walking through a mindfield.”
“…like walking through a minefield.”

 “There’s no parody in the teams.”
“There’s no parity in the teams.”

“… staying cool, calm and collective under pressure.”
“…staying cool, calm and collected under pressure.”

“Joey Barton has burned his britches..”
“Joey Barton has burned his bridges…”

“To all intensive purposes …”
“To all intents and purposes…”

“Some will fall by the waste side …”
“Some will fall by the way-side…”

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