Aimon Armitage – "Mother any distance…"

Today we decided to model an answer around the following question:

Answers to questions in this section should refer to the text and to such relevant features as: word choice, tone, imagery, structure, content, rhythm, theme, sound, ideas

Choose a poem about a strong relationship – for example, between two people, or between a person and a place.

Show how the poet, by choice of content and the skilful use of techniques, helps you to appreciate the strength of the relationship.
As a sample introduction, we came up with:
The poem, “Mother, any distance…” by Simon Armitage, comes from his 1993 collection, “Book of Matches”. The poem tells a short story of a mother helping her son to move house, and the strength of the relationship between the two. This essay will look at this relationship and how the writer uses various techniques to convey its depth.

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