Holes – Strong Verbs

Look in detail at how Kate is treated:

·         dragged out of bed

·         tied her legs together

·         grabbed her hair

·         jerked her hair back

·         pushed her outside

·         Trout fired the rifle

·         Linda hit Kate

·         Linda whacked her with shovel

·         she felt the shovel jab into her back

·         she fell onto hard dirt

·         Kate struggled to her feet

The description is made powerful by strong VERBS

You can make your writing more effective by using more descriptive verbs in sentences.

Replace each of the underlined verbs with 3 more interesting ones.

1.      She put the box down on the table.

2.      “Where have you been?” she said.

3.      The boys walked down the road trying to look cool.

4.      The winners of the competition were so pleased they smiled at everyone who had voted for them.

5.      The girls got into trouble when they laughed at a joke in their English lesson.

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