Poetic Techniques: The Highwayman

Identify 2 examples of each of the following in the poem:
1. Simile
His hair LIKE mouldy hay.
He spurred LIKE a mad-man.
His face burnt LIKE a brand.
Her face was LIKE a light.
Down LIKE a dog.
2. Metaphor
The road WAS a gipsy’s ribbon.
The wind WAS a torrent of darkness.
His eyes WERE hollows of madness.
There was death at every window.
The road WAS a ribbon of moonlight.
3. Onomatopoeia
4. Alliteration
Bound… barrel… breast.
Cobbles… clattered… clashed.
Down… dog.
Breeches… brown.
How does the writer use descriptive language to describe:
1. The Highwayman
2. Bess
3. Tim the Ostler

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