Higher – Poetry Essay 1 – Choices

Answers to questions on poetry should address relevantly the central concern(s)/theme(s) of the text(s) and be supported by reference to appropriate poetic techniques such as: imagery, verse form, structure, mood, tone, sound, rhythm, rhyme, characterisation, contrast, setting, symbolism, word choice . . .
1.  Choose a poem in which the poet blends narration and reflection.
Show how the poet blends these two aspects in such a way as to illuminate the central concern(s) of the
2.   Choose a poem which depicts a particular stage of life, such as childhood, adolescence, middle age, old age.
Discuss how effectively the poet evokes the essence of this stage of life.
3.   Choose a poem which deals with conflict or danger or death.
Show how the poet creates an appropriate mood for the subject matter and go on to discuss how
effectively she/he uses this mood to enhance your understanding of the central idea of the poem.
4.   Choose two poems on the same theme which impress you for different reasons. Compare the
treatment of the theme in the two poems and discuss to what extent you find one more impressive than
the other.

1. Identify the central idea your essay is going to discuss
2. List the techniques that help to point this out

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