Higher essays/ deadlines. IMPORTANT.

There is some confusion over deadlines, most of which are now past.
So, by January 9th, I want the following pieces finished. You have had several weeks to complete them so far.
I will not accept excuses for non-submission of these essays on this date as you have already had ample time to finish them.

1.  Crucible essay 2:
Choose from a play a scene in which an important truth is revealed.

Briefly explain what the important truth is and assess the significance of its revelation to your understanding of theme or character.

2.  Crucible essay 3:
Choose a play in which an important theme is effectively highlighted by one specific scene or incident.
Explain how the theme is explored in the play as a whole and then show in detail how the chosen scene or incident effectively highlights it.
3.  Personal/ reflective
4.  Persuasive/ argumentative

I will NOT take questions via email, etc. after December 31st. Get yourselves organised; know what the task is; just write the essays.

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