Don Paterson – Waking With Russell/ The Thread

Notes from today’s class.

How does Paterson convey the bond established between father and son in his poems, “Waking With Russell” and “The Thread”?

Paragraph/ Sections
1. The use of the “thread” as a metaphor.
2. The theme of flight.
3. The sonnet form
4. The fear of death (needs rephrasing, Mr C)
5. Giving purpose to life/ hope for the future
6. The feeling of connectedness
7. Contrast between innocence and experience

P oint
E xample
A nalyse

Paterson explains that the birth of his son has given purpose to his life. He says that previously he had lost “the true path”; but upon his son’s arrival the path was “lit”. This metaphor gives a clear image of Paterson’s life being illuminated

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