Higher Discursive Topics

The following are the question titles I have allocated to the class.

You may SWAP titles amongst yourselves but NOBODY may use the same question as another.

Any swaps made must be cleared by me by the end of this week.

EA – Are celebrities entitled to a private life?
JC – How old is “too old” for parenthood?
RD – Does Britain need public schools?
GD – Should Britain have become involved in the current conflict in Iraq?
AH – Should film censorship be banned?
BH – Why should we remember the Holocaust?
ZH – Is there still too much discrimination against women?
JJ – Should Britain get rid of its nuclear weapons?
NM – Cloning – a tremendous medical advance or an ominous development?
LM – What are the benefits of a gap year?
GM – Arranged marriages should be banned worldwide. Discuss.
CM – What place does the Church have in modern society?
DM – Should children of different faiths be educated separately?
RM – “Rap music is misogynistic!” Discuss.
TM – Should Youtube be exempt from censorship laws?
BM – Is marriage an outdated institution?
SM – Should animal organs be used for human transplantation?
CM – Has Britain had enough immigration?
BN – Ancient cultures are being destroyed by tourism. Discuss.
AR – Should gay couples be allowed to have children?
RS – CCTV is an intrusion on our privacy. Discuss.
LS – Has genetic engineering gone too far?
IS – No man is born evil. Discuss.
DS – Should clergymen comment on government policies?
GT – The Royal Family: are they a luxury we can no longer afford?
SY – What is the purpose of reality television?

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