Teacher Blog of the Year – the results are in…

In the recent Scholastica Teacher Blog of the Year competition, http://www.misterconnor.com/ has been awarded third position.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote and put the site into the final ten. This was from a field of more than three-hundred.
Please remember, though, that much of the site’s content comes from discussions and work we do in class, so this is really an award for the pupils I teach at Golspie High School.

Here’s the info taken directly from the competition’s site:

Judges were looking for:
  • A willingness to share resources and ideas
  • Responsiveness to the blog’s audience
  • Regular and timely updates
  • Posts that provoke comment

EBA-Badge-Teacher-Blog-WThe winning blog in this category is David Rogers who invited a lot of comment from the judges. “David Rogers encapsulates what edublogging should be about – A documentation of your own professional and personal learning through a blend of thinking, ideas, sharing, collaboration and challenge”. Another judge said “Loved this blog for many reasons but the main one was because David introduced me to Dream Teachers YouTube. Will definitely be visiting again.”
Technostories pushed David to the limit here with one judge commenting “a wonderful resource sharing blog full of practical advice and tips for teachers – I must read for all those interend in primary education”.
Third in this category was Mister Connor – judges said that this was “a great example of a teachers blog to support the learners at their school” and “there’s some excellent accessible content on Mr Connor’s Blog”.

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