S3 Vocabulary – Continued

Cacophony A discordant series of harsh, unpleasant sounds helps to convey disorder. This is often furthered by the combined effect of the meaning and the difficulty of pronunciation.

Euphony A series of musically pleasant sounds, conveying a sense of harmony and beauty to the language.

Scansion is the measure of the pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in a line of poetry.

–/ Iamb/Iambic (in-vite)

// Spondee/Spondaic (true-blue)

/– Trochee/Trochaic (dead-line)

– –/ Anapest/Anapestic (to-the-beach)

/– – Dactyl/Dactylic (fre-quent-ly)

– Unstressed
/ Stressed

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