V For Vendetta – Techniques/ Quotes/ Etc.

Start – preparation for the meeting – shows their meeting is inevitable – links the two characters

Four social groups – shows all of society is watching/ not watching the govt.

The V – recurrent – symbolises the character, also the idea of revolution/ freedom – originates at Larkhill – connects V and I-V –

Dominoes – The population – they fall and this is a metaphor for their turning against their govt. – one to start, one to finish – revolution

The Scarlet Carson – an extinct species – metaphor for the freedom of Valerie – leaves at the deaths of the four – remind them that they have not won – freedom/ Valerie outlives them

Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture – it is blacklisted – provides revolutionary soundtrack – at climax there are cannons/ destruction – “It’s his music.”

Sutler – expresses power/ size of the man – contrast with his appearance in the flesh – begging

His emergence from Larkhill – rebirth – silhouette – mystery – can’t see his face – Jesus Christ pose – crucifiction – dying – sacrifice

Mirrored effect with Evey’s “rebirth”.

The finale – shows the enormous number of people turning on their govt.

Sutler’s cabinet – shows weakness in comparison

Overhead shot 
The march to Parliament Square – again, stresses the size of the revolution – the tide of people cannot be turned.

Symmetry/ mirroring
Shows passing time in a confined (all four walls) space of Evey’s cell as it cuts between different periods in time.

Rain falling on Evey – the idea of a new personality falling onto Evey – “God is in the rain.”

Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture – it is blacklisted – provides revolutionary soundtrack – at climax there are cannons/ destruction – “It’s his music.”

Fawkesian – links to Guy Fawkes – connotations of revolution – can’t see his face – mystery – allows V to become a symbol, not a person

Evey’s interrogation – draining colour from her slip.

Rookwood’s story – use of montage to “fill in the blanks” about Larkhill – persuades both audience and Finch.

V’s intro. All words beginning with V – THIS IS NOT SHAKSPEARIAN MONOLOGUE – alliterative monologue based on the V sound – intelligence – connects V absolutely with the letter V


Valerie’s story

Surridge’s diary – “filling in the blanks”

Evey setting the scene – exposition

Valerie’s story – makes it intimate, like she’s talking to you.

Destruction of Parliament

Evey’s re-birth

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