"Freedom" Software

Just a link to a useful bit of software you can download.

It’s called “Freedom” and you can use it to lock your internet connection for a fixed period of time. I use it myself as I know how tempting and distracting it can be to go online when I should be doing some work.

As we come up to the exam season, this might be worth a shot in order to allow you to concentrate on the important task of revising more fully.

For a free trial, click here.

The full version costs $10 (approx £6.50) and you’ll probably need your parent/ guardian to make the online payment for you. There are versions available for both Windows and Mac. I haven’t seen the Windows version but the Mac version runs very easily. As I say, I find it very useful if my will-power isn’t doing as well as it should be…

It might be worth letting your parents have a look so they can make an informed judgment for themselves.

Hope the break is treating you all well.

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