Lighting/ Costume in V For Vendetta

Use of Lighting
• Chiaroscuro lighting casts Evey into intense light, emphasising that she is completely exposed, and vulnerable.
• Chiaroscuro lighting casts Evey’s interrogator into darkness, emphasising his shadowy authority and, compared to Evey, mysterious strength. Emphasises his speech.
• This visually shows the motifs of the film, with the forces of light struggling against the forces of darkness.
• Chiaroscuro lighting casts V in the darkness, reinforcing his sense of mystery, while it leaves Evey and the fingermen in the light, showing their vulnerability. This effectively shows the binary opposites of the film: dark versus light; good versus evil.

• Using fireworks at the two scenes of destruction:
1) Appropriate for Guy Fawkes Night
2) Suggests celebration at the destruction
3) Contrasts with the drab colours of Norsefire England

• Lighting in the Shadow Gallery is soft, showing a sense of calm and sanctuary from the main events. Usually accompanied by a pleasant soundtrack – not orchestra or bombastic.

Use of Costume
V’s costume is of vital importance as it ties many of the film’s main ideas together.

1. It is a fundamental link back to Guy Fawkes and the idea (given by Evey in voice-over in the prologue) that the ideas that change nations must be remembered, but so should the lives of the men who fought for them.
2. The hat and cloak do not allow a clear view of V, so it is never possible to know exactly what he is doing.
3. The costume covers V and hides his injuries sustained at Larkhill.
4. The mask is a symbol that links all of the characters who are forced to hide under the government’s persecution of individual freedoms.
5. The mask of the people is metaphorical – they do not physically wear one but they are forced to live a life that is not true to themselves (Deitrich/ Finch/ Valerie/ etc.). “You wear a mask for so long you forget who you are underneath it”.

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