Term Three Contest

Another term, another contest.

This time I want you to look at short-story writing.

I will be looking for:

1) Descriptive writing
2) Good characterisation/ dialogue
3) An interesting plot with a twist
4) Believable settings, etc.
5) Interesting vocabulary

The story can be of any genre (though you may want to consider writing a crime story to be submitted for the “Time To Kill” competition – max 1,000 words), set in any period, feature as many or as few characters as you like (I personally prefer stories with a small number of characters) and have a word count as small or as large as you like.

As usual, I will have some really good prizes for the winners.

The competition closes on Monday, April 4th and is open to ALL year-groups.

If you need any help, or want to submit/redraft copies, just pop in to room 6 and let me know.

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