S3 – Discursive Essays – Paragraph Structure Notes

As discussed, and using the example:

Religious Freedom

Overall point: People can distract one another with their clothing, even if it is not religious.

1. Topic sentence (The sentence that indicates what your paragraph will be about.)
2. The argument in full.
3. Any statistics or quotes.
4. Your point in favour or against.
5. (optional) Any statistics or quotes that support this point.

1. Many people argue that religious clothing can be distracting and divisive.
2. The idea behind this is that religious clothing separates people into “religious” and “non-religious” and this can provoke antagonism.
3. It is stated in the Guardian newspaper that “24% of bullying in schools is due to Religious clothing”.
4. However, it can also be argued that other forms of clothing can be just as divisive, and the competition around fashionable clothes can provoke even more bullying in schools.
5. A survey of head-teachers in 2010 revealed that 87% of fights in school are connected to the clothing pupils wear.

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