Why do teenagers have such a bad press?

Why do teenagers have such a bad press?


The issue of XXXX has been debated for many years.

• The reporting of teenagers in the media is a contentious/ difficult/ complicated issue.
• Teenagers are often in the news, but their reporting is a moot/ controversial/ debatable issue.
• Every generation of teenagers has its reputation scrutinised by the media.
• The reputation of teenagers is not clear cut: are they a good influence in society, or bad?
• Their behaviour, language and culture is alien to adults, but can we really say it is deserving of a bad reputation?
• Perhaps their strange and clandestine/ esoteric culture is hard for adults to understand, but the extent to which it can be said to be “bad” is hard to say.
• The reputation of teenagers is wide open to personal experience and interpretation.
• While teenagers may seem a separate species to most adults, can we say their culture deserves a bad reputation.
• That said, it cannot be denied that through anti-social behaviour, teenagers do not help themselves.
• The vandalism we see around us, though, is rarely painted by pensioners. Teenagers, surely, are responsible for some unacceptable behaviour.
• Seeing a group of underage drinkers at a bus-stop, though, hardly refutes/ contradicts/ disagrees with the picture painted by the media.
• The number of under-age pregnancies of course, does nothing to suggest that teenagers are entirely innocent.

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