Following on from last week, I have the following proposed names for the group. Please have a read and maybe choose one that you like the sound of.

  • Union of Amateur Philosophy
  • Agorasophos (which means “a meeting of wisdom”)
  • Eudaimonia (the philosophical term for human flourishing)
  • The Eidos Convention (Eidos meaning “what we know”)
  • Golspie Arete or Arete Golspie (Arete meaning “virtue/ excellence”)
  • Tea, Trivia and Thinking
  • Classics Union
  • The House of Nous (“nous” = The mind/ intellect)
  • Of course, we could stick with Megalopsychos, which means “great soul” and was the main goal for the Stoic philosophers.

If you have any suggestions of your own, please let me know. It’s your group, after all.

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