Voyage to Valhalla – Key Facts

– Yorkshire? North of England.
– Their accents/ vocabulary.
– Mid-60s to early-70s.
– Panda cars/ “queer” now has a different meaning/ police constables/ no walkie-talkies.

Voyage to Valhalla is set…
We can tell this by…


Tell us about each. What happens to them?

Point of View
First person: “I”, “Me”
Second person: “You”
Third person: “He”, “She”, “It”

What is the effect of using this point of view?

– Mystery
– Horror
– Fantasy/ Magical
– Adventure
– Thriller
– Romance
– Comedy

What is the genre?
What do we expect to find in a story from this genre?
Give examples of parts of the story that fit the genre well.

The main ideas and concerns of the book.
– Love
– Death
– Birth
– The past
– The future
– Murder
– Honour
– Shame
– Dreams

What would you say are the main themes of the story?
What bits of the story show these themes?

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