S3 – Dulce/ Albion Summary Notes

The main events are…
Dulce et Decorum est…
Owen’s poem…
Beginning in…
We are dropped straight into…
The trenches of the first world war form…
We are asked to consider..

(1) The trenches of the first world war form the setting for Owen’s poem, whereas Armitage uses his home country. The first tells the story of a gas attack on a British trench, the latter the expectation and aftermath of armed combat in a contemporary war. (2) Each poem is written in the first person, giving it an authentic voice, but each poet (3) makes use of meter, simile, onomatopoeia and a range of other devices. (4) We are left to consider themes of death and loss, (5) while thinking of the poets’ own views of war.

Internal monologue
The distillation of an idea
The goal of a poem is to make the reader feel the same intense emotion as the writer
1. Main events – gas attack – trenches – death of comrade
Life before and after contemporary war – trauma
2. Characters/ perspective
3. Mention techniques/ not in detail
4. Themes – Loss/ treatment of soldiers/ Death/ Fear
5. Opinion of the poets?

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