GLOSSARY – S3 – In progress

allegory – a writing where the characters, events, and settings represent abstract qualities (creates a second meaning beneath the surface story)

allusion – a passing reference to historical or fictional characters, places, events, or other works that the writer assumes the reader will recognize

analepsis (see flashback)

antagonist – the person or thing that causes conflict for the main character

assonance – the close repetition of vowel sounds between different consonant sounds (they are not exact rhymes)

bias – a personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment; prejudice

cadence – a rhythmic sequence or flow of sounds in language; the beat or pacing

climax – the point of highest intensity in a story (where the outcome is decided) —

colloquialism – a commonly used word or phrase that may be inappropriate for a formal writing.

connotation – the associated or secondary meaning of a word

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