Concentration and how to read.

Following on from a few things some pupils have told me recently, I just want to put a wee bit up here about concentration.

Some have said that they struggle with concentrating on reading for sustained periods of time, and that they find it difficult to develop a reading habit as a result. Don’t fret. There’s nothing out of the ordinary there for most of you.

If you imagine that you wanted to run a marathon, you would not think “I’ll just pop out and do that now”. No. You’d have to start training and building your strength a little at a time, gradually building to marathon fitness.

Reading and concentrating are very similar: you have to build your strength gradually.

So, here’s a plan for you to have a go at.

Day One: Turn off your phone, PC, etc and sit down to read for TEN minutes. No more than that.
Day Two: Same again, but this time try for fifteen minutes.

Build up by five minutes each day until you can read for forty minutes.

I’m not promising it will definitely work, but it will start you in the right direction. It will be easier if you choose something to read that you might enjoy. You’d get nowhere if you sat down to read “War and Peace” on day one, but there are other books that you will cope with. Use your own judgment, or ask a teacher or librarian.

I make one condition for this program:

You must do this EVERY day. Like fitness, if you don’t use it you lose it. Try not to miss a session and you will feel the benefits much more quickly.

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