Mortal Engines – Book Review Plan

In terms of lay-out, try to use the following structure:

Para 1) Introduction to the essay.

Para 2) Quick summary of the book – about ten sentences.

Para 3) Tell us about Tom – what happens to him and how does he change?

Para 4) Tell us about Hester – what happens to her and how does she change?

Para 5) Tell us about either Anna Fang OR Valentine. What kind of character are they? What do Tom and Hester think of them? How do their views of them change?

Para 6) Did you think the book was an interesting view of the future? What things in the book do you think are realistic, and which things aren’t.

Para 7) Conclusion – tell us what your overall thoughts are. What did you enjoy most about the book and why? What did you think of the relationships between Tom and Katherine, and Tom and Hester? Do you think the book had a happy ending?

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