Basic errors you can learn to eliminate

• Was = Only ONE thing
• Were = plural (more than one thing)

• Don’t begin a sentence with “And”, “So”, “Well” or “Also”.

• Avoid repetition

• Avoid “then”

• Avoid beginning sentences with “The”, “A”, “An”, “Another”…
Try to use “If” or the gerund (“-ing”)

• Avoid saying “Sort of” or “In a way”. They make your writing sound vague.

The bus was late.

• Avoid backward and forward signposts: ‘as I argued above’, ‘as I said at the beginning of this essay’, ‘as we have already said’, ‘as I will argue later’, ‘as we will see in a minute’.

• Avoid the use of very . It is overused. Everything is very interesting, very striking, very difficult, etc. etc. and in the end, this becomes very, very boring indeed.

• Only use “and” once in any given sentence

• Ellipsis should only be three dots . . . not …… or ……….

• Use “many” when you are talking about something that can be counted fairly specifically:


Use “much” when the thing you’re talking about cannot be directly counted:


• Paragraphing – Indent or miss a line

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