Mortal Engines – Hester Shaw’s Diary

Some of you need some extra help, so I hope the following guide is useful.

1. Talk about Hester’s situation on board the Jenny Haniver. How does she feel at having been pushed out of London? Why does she feel this way? What does she think of Tom? Remember they have already been captured and escaped from slavery…

2. Write about your family and what happened to them. Discuss what Valentine did to your parents and to you. How long have you waited for revenge? How does it feel to hate someone so completely? Do you feel any sympathy for him?

3. How do you feel about what happened in London? Describe the events. How did this make you feel about Tom? How do you feel about Katherine (remember she is beautiful and Hester has been disfigured)? Will you get another chance to kill Valentine now London is so far ahead?

4. What do you think of Anna Fang and the Jenny Haniver. Quickly describe them both. Describe how she saved you from slavery. Explain that you are not sure of why she helped you. What do you think she helped you for? Do you trust her?

5. What is MEDUSA? Where have you heard about it and why do you think so many people are interested in it?

6. What do you think will happen in the future? What do you want to happen? What obstacles do you face?


1. Set the piece out like a diary.

2. You have not yet met Shrike, nor been to Airhaven, so you can’t write about them.

3. The best pieces will focus on thoughts and feelings.

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