Consider the Lilies – Chapter Thirteen Notes

Mrs Scott wakes up and eats something. She is reminded by Mrs Macleod of what happened when she went to see the minister.

What is her mood when she awakens?

  • “…she leaned back on the pillow, completely relaxed…
  • “She felt it was dangerous to think too much at this time…”

What is Mrs Macleod’s mood?

  • “…brisker, more alert than she remembered…”

The minister: with Mrs Macleod’s help she remembers what happened and learns about Donald Macleod’s reaction when the minister came to see her.

What is Donald Macleod’s attitude to the minister?

  • He is disdainful (doesn’t like him). “whatever cloth is”/ “if you try to come into my house I’ll do you bodily harm”/ “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time”

What is his wife’s attitude?

  • She is more timid (shy). “I was very nervous myself.”

How have Mrs Scott’s views changed?

  • She is confused. She doesn’t know what to make of Donald and the minister. Her beliefs have been changed.

She nearly faints and feels like a boat tossed on the waves. What does this image suggest?

  • It suggests that her feelings are not stable, and that she is in turmoil about them. Her feelings are strong, powerful and deep.

What is suggested by “the sea steadied”?

  • Finally, her feelings reach a kind of calm.

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