Consider the Lilies – Chapter Twelve Notes

Another night passes and Mrs Scott continues to recuperate.

The dusk and the darkness

As dusk falls what seems to happen to the world about her?
* It folds in around her – the hard edges soften – reflects sleep coming over her

What pleases her about the moon?
* Reminds her of Iain – it is soft and calming

What worries her about it?
* It is going away from her and “she couldn’t stop it”

Why do you think nobody has heard her scream?
* A silent scream? Nobody in the house? She only imagined herself to be screaming? It was a nightmare?

The occupants of the house

What effect has the knowledge that she is helping someone had on:

Mrs Macleod?
* Made her happy to be looking after someone. Makes her useful.

The children?
* They treat the silence like a game – they want to keep quiet for Mrs Scott

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