The Amazing Maurice – Characters

These are out notes on the characters from Friday:

The Bone Rat
The bone rat wears a black robe and carries a scythe with a bony face. He’s what the rats say they see when they die. He’s like the Grim Reaper for rats.

Hamnpork is the leader of all the rats that can talk. As a leader Hamnpork is not the best. He doesn’t really know what he is doing and he is old and scabby and he also doesn’t like the idea of thinking very much. Hamnpork gets captured by the rat catchers but Darktan saves him. In the end he dies, but he dies peacefully.

Malicia is the mayor’s daughter. To me she seems an imaginative girl. She is smart and hangs about with Keith and Maurice. Malicia likes reading stories and following them. She is outgoing and adventurous.

Is like a natural leader, he wears a belt that carries a sword and other tools and a scrap bit of paper. After Hamnpork dies further on in the book, Darktan takes over to be a proper leader, with Inbrine as his efficient deputy. To me, Darktan seems very bossy.

Peaches is a young female rat who very much believes in fairy tales. She loves to read Mr Bunnsy has an Adventure. Peaches drags the book around everywhere she goes. The rats all reassure it like a Bible, but Peaches in pa. Po carries a bag containing a grubby piece of paper, a pencil, a broken knife blade and some matches.

The Rat-king
The Rat-king is the leader of all the rats. Not only can he control rats he can control humans a little bit, too. He keeps a sharp eye on Maurice. It doesn’t matter if Maurice does anything wrong because the rat king can control anyone who gets in his way. The Rat-king is made of several rats tied together at the tail.

Maurice is a cat who is kind of sneaky but good. He isn’t keen on being heroic but he knows the difference between right and wrong. He always gets into mischief. He learned to talk when he ate a rat who had eaten food from the Wizards University.

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