Of Mice and Men – Chapter Two Questions

These are our answers from class:

1. What time is it when George and Lennie reach the ranch?
· It is about ten o’clock in the morning.

2. Describe Candy, the old swamper.
· An old man; only has one hand; has an old dog; scruffy(?); stoop-shouldered

3. What does George have in his bindle?
· Soap; Razor; A comb; a bottle of pills; liniment

4. Why is the boss annoyed with George and Lennie?
· They were due to arrive the previous night.

5. What sort of person is the boss?
· Keen to know about the two men; keeps the men in good order; he’s suspicious of George

6. What do we learn about Crooks the stable buck?
· He was kicked in the back by a horse – this is why he has a crooked back; he’s black; the boss takes his anger out on him

7. Describe the boss.
· A short, fat man

8. Why is the boss suspicious of George?
· He thinks he might be stealing Lennie’s money; he answers the questions directed at Lennie; he’s not used to seeing men travelling together.

9. Why does George get angry with Candy?
· He thinks he was listening in to his conversation with Lennie.

10. Describe Curley, the boss’ son.
· He is handy; he’s a fighter; he’s paranoid about his wife; there is no trust in the marriage; ostensibly very masculine; insecure

11. Why does Curley try to pick a quarrel with Lennie?
· He has a grudge against big guys. (a chip on his shoulder); trying to prove himself

12. What does George tell Lennie to do if Curley hits him?
· “let ‘im have it!”

13. Describe Curley’s wife.
She has full rouged lips and wide spaced eyes; her finger nails were red, her hair hung in little rolled cluster lke sausages; she is a GLAMOROUS figure, out of place on the ranch.

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