Consider the Lilies – Chapter 9 Notes

Mrs Scott goes to ask the minister for help and is refused.

Her attitude to the minister
His position in society
* She is intimidated by his position – his wealth and his learning.

His brains
* She is suspicious of his “cleverness”. She feels it is unnecessary and over-complicates the message of the Bible. However, he is a powerful speaker – very persuasive.

His sermon on the Prodigal son
* It was powerful and the message made it feel like the minister was talking directly to her because of her own turmoil with her son.

Her meeting with Mrs Macleod

Why is Mrs Macleod not suited to the area?
* She’s better suited to housework than outdoor labour.

What advantages does she think Mrs Scott has?
* She has no children to worry about.

What advantages does Mrs Scott think that Mrs Macleod has?
* She has a husband.

Why does Mrs Scott assume that Mr Macleod will be pleased with Patrick Sellar?
* Neither of the men care for the Church and Mr Macleod will help to pull it down.

The sight of the dead sheep.

What had the scene been like before she saw the sheep?
* Idyllic – remembering the collecting of blaeberries.
* Description is positive – red heather, yellow flowers, darting trout. A beautiful Highland scene.

What has happened to the sheep?
* It had been gashed in the side and its neck was broken.

What are the flies doing?
* They are feeding on the carcass.

What is the crow waiting for?
* Waiting for Mrs Scott to pass so it can peck at the sheep.

What features of the crow does she notice?
* Its eyes – black.
* The crow symbolically represents the minister and his “feeding” on the suffering of his parishoners.

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