Consider the Lilies – Chapter 5 Notes

Mrs Scott talks over events with Big Betty.

Big Betty

What does Betty think about:

the elder?
– Obsequious to the Minister.
– Small.
– She’s suspicious of him.
– Doesn’t look after his children.
– Has too many children.

her own father?
– A respectable man.
– Short-tempered.
– Didn’t like doctors.
– Dead.
– Dropped dead at the table.
– Did NOT deteriorate like Mrs Scott’s mother.

Iain ?
– Feels he is being exploited.
– His life is very hard.
– The landowners will be just as brutal to them.

Patrick Sellar?
– A small man.
– She doesn’t think much of him.
– Thinks he’s a bit big for his boots.
– He will not be able to evict her from her cottage.
– She finds him ridiculous – laughs at him.
– She’s putting up a front.

– “A bit dry” – boring.
– Thinks Mrs Scott knows more about them than she does.
– Liked Carmichael – “a strong preacher”
– Reverend Mason “went off the text” – didn’t stick to the Bible.
– “He has to be hard on all sinners.” – Mrs Scott
– A very unforgiving attitude – hard-hearted?

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