Mortal Engines – Chapters 5&6 – Summaries

* Tom and Hester are walking after London.
* Hester Shaw tells Tom about her family. They were killed because her mum had found something called “MEDUSA”.
* Valentine tried to kill Hester but botched it up and disfigured her. He left her to die.
* Mayor Crome seems to be telling Valentine what to do.
* Crome is taking London way off track – we don’t know why.
* They find a smaller town called “Speedwell”.
* They are drugged by the Mayor of Speedwell and his wife.

7 thoughts on “Mortal Engines – Chapters 5&6 – Summaries

  1. I will put some stuff up for Hester Shaw's diary tomorrow evening when I have a bit more time. Hope it's useful.

    If you have any questions, you can always pop into my room and ask me of a lunchtime.


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