Lord of the Flies – Minor Characters

Character Analysis

Physical: The two twins are so identical that they are given one name and cannot function without each other:
“They breathed together, they grinned together, they were chunky and vital. They raised wet lips at Ralph, for they seemed provided with not quite enough skin, so that their profiles were blurred and their mouths pulled open.”
Involvement: Samneric are often in charge of watching the signal fire. They too side with Ralph, but are captured in the end by Jack. Their loyalty doesn’t extend as far it should; they eventually confess to Jack where Ralph is hiding before he is hunted.

Physical: Roger is described:
…a slight, furtive boy whom no one knew, who kept to himself with an inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy… the shock of black hair, down his nape and low on his forehead, seemed to suit his gloomy face and made what had seemed at first an unsociable remoteness into something forbidding.
Involvement: Roger is a sadist who revels in hurting and causing pain. He knocks over the littluns’ sand castles and throws stones at them. In the end it is he who pushes the boulder that kills Piggy. Becoming Jack’s right-hand man he is feared by Ralph during the hunt, carrying “death in his hands.”

The Littluns
Physical: The so-called littluns are the boys who don’t play a large roll in the novel. They are probably five or six years old.
Involvement: Although they do not always comprehend what is going on around them, the littluns are important people. They are the ones who first see the Beast and are in constant fear of it, especially during the night. They are the “rest of society” and often go with the flow and do what the bigguns are doing. Most of them end up joining Jack, not because they can differentiate between right and wrong, but because Jack provides them meat and protection from the Beast.

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